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Minute from the formation of the Rio de Janeiro’s Collective

Posted on 11 11UTC October 11UTC 2011 by PIRATE PARTY – RIO DE JANEIRO

… Srs.

The song was sung …

Pirate Collective was born in Rio de Janeiro.

Yesterday we did the first face meeting, attended by six pirates, one of Sao Paulo, Leandro Chemalle (thanks!!) That helped us organize the movement and gave legitimacy to it.

Here are the points and the summary of what happened:


OBJECTIVE: To form the collective pirate who will begin the formalization of the Pirate Party of Brazil – Center Rio de Janeiro.

Start Time: 19 hours

Finish: 21:30 hours

PARTICIPANTS: Fred Braga, Guilherme Marques, Eduardo Bastos, Alexandre Brandao, Gilberto Monteiro, Leandro Chemalle (PPBR-SP)

1. The meeting began with Fred exposing why the Collective. Fred states that the goal is to bring together people who think differently and are willing to devote their time on behalf of the cause, also highlighting the historical importance of Rio de Janeiro in shaping the country’s political and that to be a National Party, three are key places: Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Brasilia. Fred puts the need for representation in politics, where we must act, since, even being in favor of a new form of politics, we must act in her teeth, as the law is based there.

2. Eduardo also puts his dissatisfaction with the current system of political thought in the country. He says he has a young son and his adherence to the cause pirate comes from their dissatisfaction with the current model of political management of the country and of their responsibility to make a better place for his daughter two months, instead of being perpetuating the system using intelligence in support of improving their own lives;

3. William also puts on the need for a collective thinking around something better. Says the pirate action is important because it is able to bring together people around thinking smarter, rather than political positions. Note that the Pirate Party is able to bring together people of different thoughts and the same ideal, which is quite rare.

4. Leandro Chemalle arrives and joins the group.

5. We began to discuss what actions should then be taken to the formation of the party. At this point, several scenarios are considered, including the WILL A March start of the RJ-PPBR.

6. Fred suggested that we start real action from December 3, 2011, where is the Day of the Fight against piracy. That same day, there is a demonstration in Sao Paulo already marked by PPBR-SP and it is essential that the Committee of Rio de Janeiro can be mobilized for that day. Everyone agrees;

7. Fred and Eduardo are responsible for seeing the material for making shirts for the collective of Rio de Janeiro;

8. Chemalle is to pass the art with the logo PPBR;

9. Chemalle highlights the importance of getting subscriptions and registrations on the day of the event;

10. Fred is writing the text of the flyer for the event and send it to Gilberto (Juninho) who will be responsible for design, in the form of email marketing and brochures;

11. Fred is responsible for researching what is required by law for the official PPBR with the TER, Rio de Janeiro;

12. Eduardo is responsible for researching what existing movements like ours for us to try to attract to our cause;

13. Fred puts the need to have the support of PPBR from other states and the national and states that from now on we will use the symbol of the Pirate Party to introduce ourselves, which makes it easier to get support from other sectors of society;

14. Chemalle states that the domain has and is creating the e-mail to us and give us access the settings and the same;

15. Several policy issues are discussed, such as to patents, free software, use of teaching Esperanto in schools, demonstration against GMOs, political statements about being forced to use the public health system and public defenders … Anyway, there is a manifestation of political will by all and many ideas that are the need to form a political party;

16. Eduardo suggest we do this weekly meeting until we organize ourselves as a party;

17. It has been decided to mark the emergence of the Pirate Party of Rio de Janeiro on December 3, 2011, on our first demonstration, to be organized in future meetings.

18. Fred puts the need to have a seat (ship) Pirate and that if each one contributing something around $ 100.00 a month, we have this site. All agree.

19. Through that act, we formalized the existence of the Pirate Party of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro and call for us the responsibility to represent him, committing us to ensure your name and get the Pirate Party of Brazil north of our ideas, striving to most from our next meetings, to change the country and the world we live.

Rio de Janeiro, 03 October 2011

Pirate Party of Brazil – Collective Pirate Rio de Janeiro

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