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Personal Declaration to The Pirate Cause

Personal Declaration to The Pirate Cause

Friends …

Do not know you, I do not know who you are, but I think I understand what you represent.

Since my fearly ages, I have a revolt, an anguish in my chest that shows me clearly what is right and what is wrong. I do not know why … But that comes from inside. Very strong …

At age 16, I founded the Political Center of my school. I made speeches in the courtyard. Hahaha …Was funny, but it works.

I joined UBEs (Brazilian Students Union). I went to meetings in the former home UBEs in Catete Street. It was good … We were, in Brazil, in the final of a long Dictatorship Period …

By the way… Now I have 37 years. Geisel was born at the time of my childhood and was at the time of Figueiredo. I saw Tancredo, Sarney, Collor, Itamar, Fernando Henrique … Everyone doing a lot of shit …

Well, I went to engineering school at UERJ. Boring as hell! But was there …

I saw that the Academic Center did not exist. Was controlled by a bunch of loser that was not shit for nothing and they were doing nothing. The Faculty of Engineering was full of needs. The laboratories were ridiculous. I learned FORTRAN !!!!!!! Seriously. Fortran! Unbelievable!

OK… I joined the worst, as always … Together we take the C.A. Engineering. I went from room to room, class to class making pretty speeches … All on participation of all, it was important to unite …. We won! As a freshman, I was not in the official party. I still had to believe in others and help them succeed in their proposals …

Hahahahaha … Big mistake. The Political Parties arrived. Every eye in the new movement that arose. In the new leaders that appeared. Ridiculous … Bunch of asshole using simple right causes for personal recognition.

Abandoned the policy there. I promised pro personnel, coming from room to room, the laboratories would improve, we would have cheap lunch, we’d see more investments from companies in their first job. But no … What I saw was a bunch of vultures circling around the power. Request funds for good causes, but that had nothing to do with the promises I made. Fuck them. I will not participate in it.

I do not conform with what is wrong, even if it benefits me. Sorry, I was being arrogant, but it’s really hard to find people who thinks so.

Ten years ago owned a leading Management Consulting Company in the State of Rio de Janeiro. It still exists. Very well indeed. I earned somewhere around twenty thousand a month, when I turned to my partner and said, “Dude, what about my life goes totally against what I think. Stay with the company for you there and bye. “I did it. I do not want to be rich. Not at all. Do not want to be a person who does well at the expense of others just because they give to be that way. I do not want and I will not.

I continued working with consulting, but my goals have changed. In fact, I had no fucking any goal. What I know is I’m really pissed when I see something wrong.

I like punk rock, hard core, fight and love to use my knowledge to defend those who defend anyone.

Above all, I hate the rich. Really. I met a lot of them. I do not like rich, rich place that can not stand frequents, hate everything that makes one rich. But most of the rich likes me. White, blue-eyed, successful …. OK … I get my job … Conquer the rich and betray them … Pirate!

I think Brazil calls for pirate activities. For people who know what is going on and yearn to do more than take a mediocre life. For people who understand the reality and realize that marketing tries to blow you over, trying to prove to you that what is bad for you, is actually the best for you.

We need to enlighten people. We need real action. I had no faith that this could happen. But now I see pirates manifesting. This is beautiful. So I really want the Collective Pirate Rio de Janeiro to happen. I want to participate directly and also to show my daughter that her father did something instead of watching the FantasticO speaking ill of Miriam Leitao. That anyone can do.

In speaking of a party, we are talking about official representation. Official representation means politics. Political legitimacy.

I tried to follow a political path several times, but I was always discouraged by what I found. Unions see what is good for the union, associations defending the interests of associations … Ridiculous …

I believe that the path is the pirate that will take me back to activity. I realize that these are people who have within them the same I always had. An obvious and undeniable sense that something’s wrong, something very wrong. Therefore, we need a new political thinking. And so we need a new political party.

I believe that the path is the Pirate Party.

When I go to the neighborhood association in my neighborhood and city officials do not know tells me that the municipal guard in place and tells me that the law does not determine that, then the law is wrong. For this we need a political party.

When we see that families were tortured and murdered 40 years ago and heard that the amnesty law guarantees the anonymity of these people, then the law is wrong. For this we need a political party.

When a person goes to a public hospital and see a motherfucker of a doctor arriving two hours late, going to give trainees the idea, instead of going to work, and everywhere there are signs saying, “defying public official is a criminal offense in prison, “then the law is wrong. For this we need a political party.

We can no longer act as traditional pirates, plundering and taking from those who deserve it. We have to use the law to do so.

With representation, we can perform social actions that work. We have a collective regional Pirate a reference for people who do not have to agree to be helped. Or that they do not need to agree to help.

The Collective of Rio de Janeiro is born.

I call on everyone to the meeting at the Rainbow Bar Lapa in Lavradio Street, Central, starting at 19 pm, Monday, 03 October 2011 to our committee and official discussions of shares to official the Party. I already have a dozen people interested in going. I think the official of the Collective Pirate Rio de Janeiro this time out.

At this meeting we will discuss:

– The official Pirates of the Committee of Rio de Janeiro;

– Initial Actions of the Committee;

– Analysis of the Pirate Manifesto;

– Positions based policies for approval of the National Committee.

My need for action is enormous. People need a representation Pirate.

Proudly declare myself a pirate.

Fred Braga

Pirate of Rio de Janeiro.

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